Weddding Updos & Wedding Hair Styles

So, you’re getting married this year and wonder what the hot hairstyles are going to be?

Wedding hairstyles are important, as your wedding day is probably the one day in your life where you are in every photo!

Whether you’re planning a spring or summer wedding this year, you’ll want to look great and have a hairstyle that will look great with your beautiful dress.

The word on the street is that brides are going to be wearing the soft, romantic look, with hair down, plenty of ringlets and curls, with a minimum of accessories.

The emphasis is going to be the natural look, with any updos have some hair loose at the sides or the back for that softer look.

The key to these wedding day styles will be using the right hair products to ensure that your “look” stays perfectly in place for the day.

If you’ve got fine hair, test out a few products to give your hair body and stop it from becoming flyaway.

If you’ve got curly hair, you may want to try out sprays to give you more control to hold those curls in place.

If you’ve got short hair, but want that “longer” look for your wedding day, you can opt for hair extensions that look just like your own hair.

Make sure you’ve found a hairdresser or stylist that you can trust and who knows your hair and what you like. Treat yourself to a regular conditioning treatment in the weeks and months leading up to your wedding day. To keep improving the condition, use a paddle brush and brush it well daily.

On the actual day, use a shine spray or serum to give that extra special look and a holding spray to keep it in place.

Checklist for your wedding day:-

  1. How will you wear your hair -simple or sophisticated?
  2. What wedding hairstyles will you consider? Short, medium length or long on your wedding day?
  3. Are you growing your hair to create that special formal romantic or elegant hairstyle?
  4. Have you booked the appointment with your salon or hairstylist?
  5. Double check the appointment time and date one week before your wedding day.

Bridal Looks with Sedu Straighteners

Bridal hair is a great opportunity to use the magic of Sedu styling.

Every bride wants to have beautiful hair for her big day and many opt for putting the hair up. Often the bride has lots of curls pinned together and arranged loosely on the back. These curls can be created using the straighteners to shape them before pinning.

  1. Wash and condition the hair using products suited to the hair type and then blow dry straight, leaving it to cool completely before using the straighteners.
  2. Split the hair into small sections and run the straighteners along each section, twisting it along the way to create a wave.
  3. Do not be tempted to run fingers through the sections after they are done, just leave to cool and then twisted loosely together at the bottom of the head and fasten in a version of a French pleat, with the ends of hair left hanging out from the top.
  4. Pin the trailing curls randomly, creating those pretty coils. If not using a hairdresser, then it’s probably easiest to get a friend to help with this style.
  5. Unusual pins, flowers or jewels can be added to give an even more special touch.

Alternatively, Sedu styles can be used to give an immaculately straight style for the day, with a tiara for detail, or with the front section pinned back with a sparkling clip. When pinning back, use the straighteners to pull the hair back away from the face so it will sit well and not fall flat as the day goes on. Prior to styling, blow dry using a volumising gel at the roots.

Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair

When choosing from the short wedding hairstyles, consider whether your budget can include having a great cut with a top stylist. Shorter styles can look great, but will benefit from a good cut.

If you prefer that “updo” look, then using hairpieces to give the appearance of longer hair, can achieve that. As with the bride in the picture, a simple hairstyle with pretty accessories can look lovely.

You can choose from a few pins, flowers (fresh or silk), a tiara, a garland or many other accessory items that you can find in a bridal shop or online. Just be sure that any flowers used in your hair are an appropriate match to the flowers used in your flower arrangement and bridal bouquet. A good rule to remember is that you want synergy, not contrast.

Medieval Wedding Hair Styles

These days, theme weddings are all the rage! After all, it’s your day, so why not inject a little bit of yourself into the affair? So if you’re into it, why not try something unique?

The beautiful simplicity of a medieval or celtic gown, with it’s long flowing sleeves, can be complemented by a braided style or a simple short cut. This would make a great theme for a fall wedding!

For pictures of dresses and actual wedding photos, check out the photos as well as the resources section below.