Simple Fairy Like Wedding Hairstyles

Lately, it seems that every little girl’s dream is no longer to be a princess, but to be a fairy. However, these fantasizes are not restricted only to little girls. In fact, given the current revival of the bohemian trend, women are also pretty infatuated with woodland fairy styles. Fairy-like hairstyles are increasing in popularity and this type of hairstyles are not only ideal for casual outings but they can also work for a very special day, say the wedding day. Furthermore, these type of hairstyles can easily be recreated by any woman, without the help of a professional hairstylist, so they are a great way to save some money and rethink that wedding budget. In this article, we have gathered 3 amazing fairy-like wedding hairstyles.

Basic half up half down wedding hairstyle

This is not only one of the simplest fairy-like wedding hairstyles, but probably the simplest hairstyle ever, and surely, all of you have tried it at least once in your lifetime. As such, you might be wondering why this hairstyle would be suitable for a wedding. Well, for starters, if you are planning on wearing a sophisticated dress, opulent jewelry or an intense makeup, you might want to tone down the overall wedding ensemble with a simple hairstyle. Furthermore, this hairstyle is ideal if you plan on wearing an opulent hair accessory such as a big flower wreath. However, if you choose this hairstyle for your wedding day, you should put more effort into it than usually. Whether you choose the straight hair version a la Rachel Bilson or the slightly curly version a la Olivia Palermo, make sure your tips are healthy and your hair is extra glossy. It wouldn’t hurt to use a quality shining serum. Personally, we like the Rachel Bilson hairstyle as it is very innocent and glossy. And since glossy goes great with the fairy theme, we think that this is the best choice. In order to achieve that hairstyle, you will need the best flat iron in 2015. We advise you to opt for a state of the art flat iron, as older models damage the hair. Moreover, it will pay off to invest in a good flat iron as it will last many years. If you are uncertain of which is the best flat iron in 2015, check out a flat iron review website. Aside from a flat iron, the hairstyle presented above also calls for a shining serum.

French braid crown

This is probably the most charming of all fairy-like wedding hairstyles. If you know how to make a classic French braid, you will also know how to make a French braid crown. All you have to do is direct the french braid around the head. This braid can be used for a half up half down hairstyle of it can be a classy updo. No matter what you choose, make sure not to make the braid to tight. Some loose hairs here than there will be more than welcome as they will highlight the messy style characteristic for woodland fairies.

Waterfall braid

The waterfall braid looks very complicated, but it is in fact very easy to achieve. You do a simple 3 strand french braid. However, with each link of the braid, you abandon one strand of hair which you will let fall down below the braid and take a new strand from above the braid. You can wear this braid as it is, perhaps embellishes it with some flower accessories, or you can take it to the next level by braiding the hair strands that are abandoned.