Proper Conditioning for Long Hair Styles

Conditioning your hair is SO important for maintaining stunning long hairstyles. Buying a good conditioner for your hair is essential if you’re going to keep that healthy shine and avoid split ends.

Whilst you’re probably regularly using a shampoo and conditioner, the occasional deep conditioning treatment will work wonders for keeping your hair looking great. You can get this done at your local salon or simply buy one from your local supermarket. Or why not try using your normal conditioner, and then wrapping your hair in clingfilm (this creates a warming effect, that will help the conditioner to sink in).

Investing in a deep condition hair care product also gives you an opportunity for some “me” time – take some time out, wash your hair, apply the conditioning treatment, wrap in a towel (or as per instructions) and put your feet up and read for twenty minutes. Relax and enjoy!

The condition of your hair will also vary on diet, exercise and overall general health, hair care is not simply shampoo and conditioning. To make sure that your hair is not dull and lifeless, keep it cut regularly. This helps the hair to rebalance itself and will also prevent split ends.

It is also important to make sure that you do not cause your hair too much stress, this can simply be if you shampoo every day, or blow dry and straighten every day. Your hair is being put through a lot, so you must think about what you can do to minimize this.

Why not try seeing how your long hairstyles look after the second day, many models find their hair looks best after a day and that it stays put easier. Also a lot of the natural oils and goodness is being stripped from your hair whenever you wash it, so be more careful about how frequently you do this.

Detangling Solutions

Some cheap and effective ways of untangling your hair are the easiest.

The first is to start at the bottom of your hair with a wide-toothed comb and just start pulling through, being gentle at the same time. Do NOT pull on your hair so it is painful at the roots.

Another idea, if you are really having problems is to cover your hair in conditioner (but not water), as this will make it more slippery (like running your finger underwater to get a ring off!). Make sure that you don’t start at the top of your head when combing as this will only push the knots closer together.

Also it is important to focus on one section at a time, rather than panic at the state of your entire locks. There are many detangling products you can buy at the moment which will help you with your situation.

A very good solution is also to keep your long hairstyles well groomed, and this way it is less likely to get severely tangled. Make sure you comb your hair once a day to keep it in order.