Kids Hairstyles, Updos & Haircut Styles

These two bridesmaids look cute in their pretty pink dresses with their soft, styled hair.

Formal updo hairstyles are less suitable for children, while these soft, loose curls look wonderful, and would be perfect for a wedding look. And therein lies the key to it all; looking formal but feeling more casual.

When you want to style a small girls hair, they won’t mind you brushing and re-arranging it, its like having their own makeover!

However when you are styling or cutting a boys crop be aware that the longer they sit in the chair the more frustrated they will get. I mean, think about when you were a child – sitting still for more than 10 minutes probably was not an option! This is why it can be useful to take them to a professional stylist instead of doing it by yourself.

Haircut Styles for Children

With kids increasingly wanting to sport trendy hairstyles, much like their older sisters or parents, it might be important to take them to a salon to give them a huge confidence boost.

As with any sort of hair it is important to start by using a shampoo and conditioner that is suited to a kids hair, this is usually one that will enable it to grow thicker and stronger, but they tend to have fewer harmful ingredients in them as kids can be much more sensitive.

It is also important at a young age to have a very practical haircut. So for girls, the best haircut is a very simple long, straight and blunt cut, with perhaps a small fringe. One boys, it is simplest to cut it off to as short as the boy will let you, especially as a short cropped style is almost always in fashion.

Short Hairstyles with Bows and Braids!

Easy to manage, wash and brush! Shorter hair certainly takes the pain out of daily brushing the knots out of longer hair.

For girls and boys, this is the most practical and easy to keep haircut. A short bob on a young girl always looks cute and very pretty, whilst still being able to be put up, but do not cut the hair any shorter than below the ears (nape of the neck) as this will look unnatural, and far too old for a young child.

Is it worth having a professional haircut for kids?

Once a child is old enough to sit still, this can be quite a treat to enjoy with an adult. Boys may love a trip to the barber with dad and girls will enjoy going to the hairdresser with mum, whether to just watch or have their own haircut.

Regarding hair accessories, it’s generally easier to find these for children than for adults – so whether it’s bows ‘n’ braids or clips ‘n’ combs – you’re bound to find something to suit and in the color you choose.

This is really one of the only times in their lives where they can put loads of accessories in their hair and look great, so go ahead and try some out.

It’s important that the child understands how important it is to look after oneself, and that grooming is key to this. A few things you could try out when playing makeover with the girls hair are braiding, bunching, curling and straightening.

The more clips and grips you have to hand the better, and the more hairstyling tools the better also. But be careful to get the child’s opinion on the hair before going out, as this will enable her to make her own decision as to whether or not she likes it.