Hair Accessories

For the final touch to your updo or special hairdo, a few simple accessories. Whether you opt for simple for simple flowers as in this picture, roses, tiara or jewelry (such as clips, diamond pins, etc), this is the perfect finish to your hairstyle.

If you’ve got a problem with flyaway hair or have a stray piece of hair that just won’t stay in place, using an accessory can both look attractive and have the dual function of keeping everything in place.

Hair care never was so simple!

Don’t be concerned too much about expense on this one.

Even some of the cheap accessory items can look great when put together with your veil and wedding dress- check out stores like Walmart or Claires.

Going for a natural look, try small roses in a ring or some small white flowers in the hair.

Obviously for a bridal look, you want everything to be just perfect. So get your hair stylist to practice the look and show you how to ensure your comb, flowers or jewelry are going to be held firmly in place.

If you’re styling your hair at home, ask when you buy the accessory from the bridal shop if they can recommend something to hold it in. Often they’ll have something that they can give you or can suggest a local supplier or online store.

Just keep in mind that you must try these on! Different ones will feel differently – some will fit perfectly, some will be uncomfortable, and some will simply not look as good on your head as it did in the rack.

Even if you plan to order an accessory online, make sure you scope it out at a physical retailer first so you can try it on before ordering. Trust me, I know what I’m talking about on this. My daughter purchased a tiara online without first trying it on, and it was so uncomfortable that she decided not to wear it at her wedding. And of course, the online shop did not have any kind of return policy.

Simple but Effective Hair Accessories

Everyday hair can be made to look like something special by using the straightening irons, but to jazz it up for a night out, a wedding or any other occasion, accessories are wonderful.

  1. Large sparkly hair grips, headbands and jewels can all be placed in the hair to dress it up.
  2. Even the simplest of clips can change a long, plain style for an evening.
  3. Paris Hilton is a big fan of hair accessories – in many pictures of her you can see flowers and bows adorning her blonde tresses, giving a unique and very girlie look to an otherwise quite ordinary style.
  4. Hair combs – can be used to create simple, yet elegant styles.
  5. One particularly effective trim is the headband – these can be worn to hold back a long fringe of in addition to having a short fringe. Either way is just as appealing.