Welcome to Pegasus on the Fly

Pegasus on the Fly at Midway Airport is a Greek Mediterranean concept serving a fresh specialty menuindex.php?f=new order loxitane buy.

The menu is based on a healthy Mediterranean diet and has provided outstanding products and service to the traveling public at Midway International Airport.

We at Pegasus on the Fly are committed to continually improving our menu and customer service to keep current with the ever-changing expectations and demands of the consumer and food-service market in general.

The primary colors are blue, white and gold. Blue and white are the colors of the Greek flag and are boldly reflected in the awning treatment. Blue is also associated with the brilliant color of the Aegean Sea and blue tiles are also utilized in the counter finishes. White stone on the counter face is reminiscent of the design of homes in Greek villages. Gold is the color of the Sun and is used in the design as a highlight to instill the image of the strong sun reflection off the Greek islands.

Pegasus on the Fly incorporates offering from two of the most innovative and influential restaurants in Chicago’s Greektown. Pegasus Restaurant, with traditional Greek inspired cuisine, and Artopolis, a European Bakery Cafe offering sweet and savory delicacies. Come and enjoy the best of both worlds at Pegasus on the Fly.

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